How to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working Problem

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Is your iPhone Home Button not working? If this is the case, then you shouldn’t simply jump to the conclusion that its a hardware problem because it might not work because of some software bug in the iPhone. Pressing home button again and again wouldn’t help much, therefore, you need to try out some simple tips we’ve mentioned here and if these tips don’t work for you then you should consider sending your iDevice to Apple Service Center for repair or replacing your device.

Solution 1: Restoration of iPhone iOS might solve your problem. Restore your device from backup and if it doesn’t work you can try a complete restore but only if you don’t have important data on your device. Restoring the device will revert back any setting causing problem in iPhone Home Button.

Restoration method might not work for many people. In that case, try this method.

Solution 2: Run any App on your iPhone. Press and hold the Power button until and unless the Slide to Shutdown screen appears. Release the power button now but gently keep on holding the home button. Your iPhone Home Button might start working again.

Solution 3: Fortunately, iOS 5 has come up with the solution for those people, who have broken home button or their home button has become less responsive due to excessive use. This handy feature in iOS 5 was named as Assistive Touch. This feature is actually for disable people. To enable this feature follow the following steps.

Step 1: Head over to Settings > General >Accessibility and turn it ON.

Step 2: Once its activated, you’ll notice a transparent button at lower-right corner of the screen. Tap on that trasnparent button.

Step 3: Select Home button option which will work exactly like physical home button.


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