6 Best Xbox 360 Case Mods

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When it comes to Gaming Console Modding, Xbox and Xbox 360 are the most popular because customizing them is relatively easy as compared to PlayStation and Nintendo 64 due to room available inside for modification parts such as lights, fans etc. When Xbox and Xbox 360 was released by Microsoft, modders tried to Mod them by using neon lights, transparent cases, fans, and PC hard drives which gave refreshing look to Microsoft Gaming Console.

After buying Xbox 360, you would be in love with for some days but after some days you might want to change its look with Case Mods. Here we’ve listed 6 best Xbox 360 Case Mods with their prices and buying links.

1. Xbox 360 Clear Smoke Ghost Case

Its manufactured with high quality plastic and gives you appearance of glass. With clear DVD drive lid you can see the DVD spinning while paying. It comes with custom Dual Light Kit , clear dual Fan Tunnel and 3 Opening Tools.

Check Price: Link

2. Xbox 360 Crystal Clear Ghost Case

This Xbox 360 Case comes with almost same features like first one but the design is different from first one. utting this case together might take some time but at the end you would be happy to see your glowing box which will completely change the ambience of your game room.

Check Price: Link

3. Special Edition Spekter Xbox 360 Ghost Case

This is the latest in Xbox 360 case modding technology because it changes its color when you’re playing the game. The hotter your Xbox gets, the more it changes color. It includes color changing front, back, and faceplate, clear wind tunnel, clear disc drive lid, LED light kit and opening tools.

Check Price: Link

 4. XCM Case Mod 360 Smoke

Smoke Case is built in such a way that you can easily see inner working of your Console. This durable acrylic case comes with all the pieces you need to successfully mod your Xbox 360. It includes see-through top and bottom panels, faceplate, DVD eject button and tray bezel, both end caps and the XCM Xbox 360 case opening tool.

Check Price: Link

5. XCM Crystal Clear Slim Case for Xbox 360 Slim

This beautiful Mod let you see every moving mechanical part in your Xbox 360 such as loading a disc and how the hot air flows.

Check Price: Link

6. XCM Xbox 360 Case – Chrome

The gorgeous Chrome design of this Case Mod will attract anyone at first sight.

Check Price: Link


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