• Cwfitch

    You forgot that the overpriced Mac runs less than half of the applications available for a PC.

  • soulmagic

    how come when I add these together I get $9,097.00?
    Also, if I buy the mac (5,199), and get the same amount of ram from Macsales.com (120.99), buy a rocket raid card for 199.99, 2 dell 27inch monitors (do I really care if there apple monitors) (2000), a second super drive from mac sales (129) I’ve only spent 7600 (aprox), which is what I do. Also where are getting this 12 core pc from?
    Lastly why not just buy an 8 core imac with a second 27inch drive and thunderbolt raid for around that price? similar specs (minus 4 cores) better os.

    • Better OS? Windows will run on any hardware you give it. With OS X you would have to pretty much buy a new computer unless you buy very specific parts!

      As far as UI and features go, there is no “better”, its pretty much preference.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure it’s fair to compare the home-build PC on the left with a Mac Pro. A more fair comparison would be the Dell Precision: http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/precision-t5500/fs. It’s a dual-socket Xeon that competes directly with Mac Pro. There’s also the HP Z800 and Lenovo ThinkStation.

    You’ll find that prices are more even for these workstations. The costs for Xeon workstations are high, but in return you get the kind of support that you need if you’re using these in production/egineering/whatever. The drives, RAM and so on are also expensive, but you know that you’ll plug it in and it will work. The right people will pay good money for that kind of peace-of-mind. To them it’s worth it.

    You are not one of those people, and that’s fine. I’m not either.

    Also, without any links or specs, how do we know you’re comparing like-for-like? ‘Xeon Processor’ could mean anything. The Raid card option in the Mac Pro is a server-level feature, though I can’t remember what chip it uses. What’s the Raid card in the PC? The comparison is meaningless.

  • Cat

    In this planet there are some computers called “workstations” and “servers” which you can buy from Apple or Dell or HP or others. They have components with the same or less capacity and speed as unbranded PCs but they are more durable and less prone to data corruption. Their prices are the same no matter the brand as long as they are all in the same workstation or server category.

    Just as an example, the raid card on the right has 72 hours of battery, the one on the left is likely 20 bucks.