Download RecBoot v1.3 to Put Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into Recovery Mode

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Whenever you perform iOS firmware update, restore or jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, your device goes into Recovery Mode. Entering and exiting Recovery Mode requires four to five steps but have you ever wondered how you can put your device into Recovery Mode without performing four to five steps again and again? If yes, then Reboot is for you which put your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into or out of Recovery Mode with single click.

Windows and Linux users can download v1.3 while Mac OS X users can get v2.2 now. With RecBoot v1.3 you can have save your device from recovery mode loops and iTunes errors. Its also useful if your home or power button doesn’t work for some reason.

RecBoot has very simple UI. It comes with only two options i.e “Enter Recovery Mode” (to put iPhone into Recovery Mode) and “Exit Recovery Mode” ( to get out of Recovery Mode).

You can use it by following a few simple steps mentioned below.

  • Download and Run RecBoot
  • Plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Click on “Enter Recovery Mode” or “Exit Recovery Mode”

RecBoot requires following before installation.

1. .NET Framework version 4.0

2. iTunes 9.2 or later

3. LibUSB (only needed if you want to use the recovery detection feature)

Download iTunes 10.1 for Windows & Mac OS X
Download .NET Framework v4.0
Download LibUSB

Recboot v1.3: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

Recboot v2.2: Mac OS X

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  • Tatsat_p

    unable to exit recoverymode

  • a

    OMG it sounds really gooooood:D

  • hossein

    the link for windows is dead

  • pete0422

    its not working..:(.. its not doing anything for my ipod.. 🙁