10 Best iPhone 4 Cases

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Aluminium and glass iPhone 4 design gives it an adorable look but at the same time it can cost you a phone because it makes your phone more prone to damage. Buying a protective case for your iPhone will protect your device from accidental drops on hard surface. iPhone 4 is in the market from long time and  many cool cases and covers for iPhone 4 have arrived since then, here we’ve listed a few best iPhone 4 Cases which will not only protect your device but will also give it a pleasant look.

1. iPhone 4 /4S Cygnett WorkMate Pro Case

Cygnett WorkMate Pro is manufactured using silicone and high-quality polycarbonate and its a double-strength rubber case so your device easily absorb shocks during fall. Apart from its beautiful design, it’s slimmer than many other bulky cases in the market. It comes with a screen protector and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Price: Link

2. iPhone 4 / 4S Barely There Cases

We know that many people don’t like to have Smartphones with bulky Case in their pockets because it diminishes the purpose of Smartphone. Barely There Cases provide are manufactured for providing decent protection to your iPhone without adding any extra bulk. Its a perfect choice for those people who want both simplicity and protection.

Price: Link

3. Grove Bamboo Case

If you’ve some extra bucks in pocket, then you might want to opt for handmade Grove Bamboo Case which is undoubtedly one of the best case in the market. You can either select from the list of many custom designs available on the site or upload the design of your own choice. You can choose bezel in black aluminum or bamboo. The case is slim and adds only .07 inches of thickness to your iPhone 4.

Price: Link

 4. Sena Hampton Flip Leather Case

Sena’s Hampton Flip is a stylish leather case that protect your iPhone screen using flip-down cover. It offers following features.

  • Hand-crafted from full grain, Italian leather
  • Seamless, front flip protective cover
  • Two credit card pockets
  • Soft velvet lining with light protective layer

Price: Link

5. LifeProof Case (Gen 2)

Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S LifeProof Case provides ultimate protection against water, shocks, dirt and snow. You get all this protection by adding only 1.5mm to the depth of your device. With LifeProof you can even swim with your device and take underwater up to 2 meters/6.6ft depth. It has lot of features and most importantly its slim and protective but we’ve to admit that its expensive.

Price: Link

6. Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Case

Motif is a glossy tough Case which is durable and tear-resistant. Cut-outs at different positions give access to the Multi-Touch display, camera lens, headphone jack, and dock connector.

Price: Link

7. Gasket Brushed Aluminium Case

Gasket Brushed Aluminium Case is manufactured from real brushed aluminum with suede inner lining to provide maximum protection from hard metal while protecting your iPhone from scratches and shocks.

Price: Link

8. OtterBox iPhone 4 Defender Series Case

This Defender Series Case is manufactured using durable silicone skin and high quality polycarbonate shell. Protecive coating on outside of touch screen membrane resists finger prints and inner felt liner cushions your device.

Price: Link

9. SecondSkin II Soft Silicone Case

SecondSkin II is flexible and lightweight Case , yet tough on protection. Raised side edges help you to protect your iPhone 4 if it falls on the hard surface.

Price: Link

10. monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case

monCarbone Hovercoat Fiber Case comes with following features.

  • Made out of real carbon fiber
  • Super light and super slim
  • Available in two finishes, midnight black (glossy) and mystery black (semi-gloss scratch resistant)
  • Compatible with GSM and CMDA iPhone 4 / 4S

Price: Link


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  • I like the Barely There one, but would that protect your phone at all? My favorite iPhone cover is thin and lightweight while offering protection from drops. So far it’s saved my phone many times!

  • I like the Barely There one, but would that protect your phone at all? My favorite iPhone case is thin and lightweight while offering protection from drops. So far it’s saved my phone many times!