How To Create Custom Ringtone for iPhone in iTunes

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Want to make custom Ringtones for iPhone? If yes, then you can easily do it by directly using iTunes and you don’t even need to install some bulky software. You can create a Ringtone of your choice in iTunes by following a few simple steps.

Below is the detailed guide for creating custom Ringtone in iTunes.

How to Create Free Ringtone for iPhone

1. Download any Song from the net or use a song which is already present in your Hard Drive.

2. Add a Song to iTunes from File > Add File to Library.

3. Right click on the song you just added and select “Get Info”.

4. Now Navigate to “Options” tab and enter “Start Time” and “Stop Time” in respective fields. Difference between “Start Time” and “Stop Time” shouldn’t be more than 30 seconds because if you’ll exceed the limit, iTunes will not consider it as a Ringtone.

5. Select the Music file in iTunes. Go to “Advanced”  option and select “Create AAC Version” option. iTunes will create a new song file of 30 seconds.

6. Right click the file which was just created and select “Show in Windows Explorer” option. New Windows Explorer window will now open where you’ll see the ringtone file.

7. The file present in Windows Explore will have “m4a” extension by default. Change it to “m4r”.

8. Double click on the file after changing extension to m4r. The Song will be added to iTunes Ringtones Library. Check Ringtone library for the file and sync it with iPhone using iTunes.

If you’re facing any problem in following above steps, do tell us in comments.


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