How to Fix iPhone 4S Battery Life Problem

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Many people are experiencing horrible iPhone 4S battery life. Apple Support Forum is full of complaints that their iPhone 4S battery is draining drastically. No one is certain about the main cause of the problem and even Apple hasn’t yet said officially about this puzzle, although, there’re reports that Apple support staff is contacting some of the people who post in Support forum individually to solve the problem. According to Apple, iPhone 4S has standby time of up to 200 hours but many buyers of the device aren’t even getting 24-hours standby time.

No one is sure about the main cause yet but trying different changes and turning off a few things on your iPhone 4s can really improve your device batter life. Here we’re suggesting some of the tips which can help you.

1. Set time zone to Off

Many people have reported that turning off time zone in location services has worked for them because it was suspected that GM release of iOS 5 introduced a bug which caused Setting Time Zone function to keep the location tracking circuitry running constantly. After turning it off iPhone 4S will  be no longer able to adjust its Time Zone automatically during traveling but having a good battery life is much more important than this functionality.

You can do it from Settings > Location Services > System Services > Set Time Zone to Off

2. Reset iPhone 4s Settings

Although, this is not a direct solution but there might be the case that you messed up some of the important settings while tinkering with your iPhone. In that case, resetting your phone settings can help you to get your phone’s battery life back.

In order to reset your phone settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

3. Turn off Push Email

Turning off Push Notifications for Mail can help you a lot in improving iPhone 4s battery life, although we know that some of you might love this feature. To turn it off go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data > Set Push to Off and Fetch to Manually.

4. Disable Calender Notifications

A person in Apple Support Forum reported that disabling Calender Notifications in Notification Center has worked for him because according to him Notification Center has an endless loop in collecting the calendar events. It also solved the problem of some of the people who tried this fix. Also try this and disable it from Settings > Notifications > Calendar > Set Notification Center to Off .

5.  Check if Auto-Brightness is On

Check if your iPhone 4s battery level is not too high. Keeping brightness level to medium or lower level will help you save battery life. Also check if Auto-Brightness is on from Settings -> Brightness so your device automatically adjust brightness according to the environment.

6. Turn Off Location Services

Many apps use location services these days (Google Maps etc) and they suck a lot of battery power. Go to Settings > Location Services  and disable location services completely or disable location services for selective apps which you think aren’t necessary for you.

7. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth take considerable battery power. Wi-Fi continuously search for Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth search for Bluetooth devices even when there’s no Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth device around.  When not in use you should keep both of them turned off.

Turn off Wifi from  Settings -> Wi-Fi and set the Wi-Fi option to OFF

Turn off Bluetooth from Settings -> General -> Bluetooth

8. Delete Email Contacts

You might be thinking that how it’s related to your device battery life, but believe us that deleting all your email contacts, rebooting the phone and adding them back one by one has worked for some people on iOS 5 and iPhone 4s but we recommend you using this only if nothing works for you.

9. Close Background Apps

Apps running in the background can also decrease your device battery life. Close background apps by double tapping on home button and then hold your finger down on an app for a second. When the icons start shaking back and forth, tap the red circle to close each one.

10. If nothing works, try a Restore

We suggest you to try restoring your iPhone as a new device if none of the above mentioned tips work for you. Plug your iPhone into Computer ans select Restore. Restore it as new phone.

We also recommend you to use System Activity Monitor app to check what factors are causing problem for your iPhone 4S battery life.

Some other culprits reported in Apple Support Forum are:

  • Corrupted iCloud contacts.
  • A bug where apps enter a never ending crash loop.
  • iTunes Wi-Fi sync.
  • Sending error reports to Apple.

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  • Kokujin0125

    Welcome to the connected 21st century iPhone users. Pushing & pulling data requires power. The more options you have often means more energy use. But don’t forsake the options. Ask for better management tools in ios.

  • Mihir

    lol.. I thought the next thing would be.. turn off ur phone.. and u will save battery 😛

  • apple need to fix this battery drain problem as fast as possible there are a lot of users suffering this problem. 🙁

  • summary: turning all the features off saves battery life, just don’t plain to use the phone.

  • Douglasmhammett

    Why own the damn phone !