How to Block a Phone Number

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Sometimes you hate your Cell Phone. There can be many situations which lead to this behavior but usually it happens when you receive too many unwanted calls. It can be a stubborn telemarketer, prank call, phone stalker or it can be your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who still wants to keep in touch with you and can’t understand that its over. Such situations leave you no choice and you try to find out ways to block phone number of that person so you don’t receive text messages and calls from that person.

There’re many ways to block a caller ID on landlines and mobile phones but they vary depending upon your Carrier, Mobile Company or type of landline Service. Here we’ll try to discuss different methods so most of the people can easily find a method which best suits their needs.

Blocking Phone Numbers on Landline

If you use a landline number then method of blocking unwanted calls will vary depending on your telephone company. Since there’re many telephone companies in different U.S states, therefore, we recommend you to contact your service provider and ask them the procedure to avoid unwanted calls. These days telephone companies provide services like call blocking and anonymous call rejection.

Block Number from appearing on Recipient Cellphone

You might be aware that you can add universal call blocking code “*67” before recipient number which will prevent your number from appearing on recipient Cell Phone. It works on mobile phone and landline.

How to Block Telemarketers

Telemarketers give you a lot of headache when they call you again and again to sell their products and services.  These days different countries use “Do not Call” Registry so Telemarketers can’t call you once your number is added to the registry.

If you’re U.S resident then you can use Register at National Do Not Call Registry or call 1-888-382-1222 from your cell phone. Your number will be registered after 31 days and it’ll remain registered for five years.

If you’re in different country search for such registry there or contact directly to your Service provider to block them.

Block Unwanted Calls on U.S Carriers

Verizon: If you want to block unwanted calls on Verzion then you need to contact them and tell them to add “Usage Controls” to your plan. Keep in mind that adding it in your package will cost you $5 per month. Once its added, login to your account from Verzion website and go to My Verzion > My Services > Spam Control and add up to five numbers which you want to block and they’ll not be able to text or call you.

AT&T: AT&T offers Smart Limits service which help you to block up to 30 numbers. After blocking phone numbers, those numbers wouldn’t be able to text or call you. You must pay $4.99/month per line for using this service. This service also offers many other services which you can read from here.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile don’t offer any direct service but you can call 611 and ask their customer service to block any number. If you want message blocking service you can read about it here.

Sprint: People who have valid Sprint account can block unwanted calls by following the procedure given here. If you don’t want to read detailed guide then simply go to “My Sprint” after logging into your account and then  My account > My preferences > Block voice. Add number and select appropriate option from different available options.

Block Phone Numbers based on Handset Manufacturers

Android Phones: Android phone owners can download some nice apps from Marketplace for this purpose. Some free apps include DroidBlock, CallFilter and Automatic Call Blocker.

iPhone:  If you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone then you might think that you’re out of luck because there’s no easy solution available for iPhones without jailbreak. People who have jailbroken iPhones can download and install iBlacklist using Cydia which is quite popular app to block phone numbers. Some other apps include MCleaner and MobileGate.

Samsung: On most Samsung handsets, you can check for reject list option in call settings or you can also add numbers to the block list in message settings to avoid unwanted calls.

Nokia: If you own a Symbian device then you can find many paid solutions but if you’re looking for a free solution then you can try apps like Handy Blacklist or Killer Mobile BlackBaller.

Sony Ericsson: Many Sony Ericsson handsets allow you to block incoming calls. Go to Menu > Settings> Calls > Manage Calls > Accept Calls. Select “Calls from a list” or “None. If you select “Calls from a list” option then you’ve to choose numbers from your contact list which you want to allow.

Blackberry: Blackberry users can purchase Efficient Call Blocler app for $5.99. It’ll ignore blacklisted numbers and send them straight to a voice mail stating that your number has been disconnected. If you’re looking for free app then CallsBlocker from MobiHand is the best choice.

We hope that above comprehensive guide will help you to block phone numbers easily but still if we’ve missed anything feel free to tell us in comments.

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