10 Best iPhone 4S Apps

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You might have iPhone 4S in your hands on October 14, and we’re sure that first thing you would love to do is to install some cool apps in it to make the most out of your iDevice. iPhone 4S has dual core A5 processor which is seven times faster than iPhone 4 so playing games and running apps on it is a bliss.

We know that you’re dying to go through the list so without any delay, here’s the list of top 10 must have best apps for iPhone 4S.

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1. Infinity Blade 2

If you want to test the true graphics performance of your Smartphone, then Infinity Blade 2 should be your first choice. Apart from its addictive gameplay, its outstanding graphics makes you stick with your iOS device.   Apple also demoed its powerful graphics on iPhone 4S at launch event. Apple also announced that it’ll be available on App store on  1st December this year. Epic, the creator of Infinity Blade has made $20 million in revenue from this game only. Infinity Blade 2 will feature mind-blowing graphics, new locations, deeper role-playing elements, new fighting styles, and new rewards. Undoubtedly, its one of the best game to play on iPhone 4S.

Price: NA

 2. Angry Birds

For those who aren’t much into fighting games would surely prefer Angry Birds over Infinity Blade as it’s one of the most popular and addictive puzzle game available on almost all platforms including iOS. Angry Birds also has the honor of staying at top stop in App store for consecutive 275 days.

Price: $0.99

3. iMovie

Filming movies on iPhone 4S would be much more fun with 1080p HD video recording, therefore, you might need an app for editing videos with ease. iMovie  let you edit videos with number of customization options available so you can present and share it with your friends and family in the best way. One of the best app to download on your device.

Price: $4.99

4. Twitter

Twitter is a great way to interact with your friends, blogs, news and celebrities. If you love using Twitter then its official app for iPhone is the best way to keep with all Twitter updates. Its not too fancy but its ease of use and simplicity makes you prefer it over other third party Twitter clients. Pictures taken from iPhone 4S can be directly uploaded. Some nice features include username search , hashtag search, rending topics, URL shrinking and geotagging.

Price: Free

5. Facebook

Regular Facebook users always try to keep in touch with friends and family members. After using Facebook app on iPhone 4S, you might not need any other medium to use Facebook because it has all the important features of the biggest social network like chatting with friends, status updates, tagging friends and places, sending messages and viewing photos. With push notifications, you can easily get Facebook alerts.

Price: Free

6. Cards

Like Infinity Blade 2, Cards app was also announced at iPhone 4S event which let you make your own greeting cards. You just have to pick the design of the card and Apple will print it out and mail it for you. When the receiver will get the card, you’ll also get push notification. The price per greeting card will be $2.99 in U.S and $4.99 elsewhere in the world.

Price: Free

7. Pages

Everyone wants a good word processor to perform everyday tasks and assignments. Pages app help you in creating, editing and viewing documents with ease. It has an outstanding User Interface. The latest update let you store Pages documents in iCloud which makes your documents more secure and accessible.

Price: $9.99

8. Air Video

Have you ever thought of enjoying your favorite TV shows and Movies without even storing on your iOS device? If yes, then Air Video app is just for you. It streams videos over the air in almost all popular formats like AVI, MKV, DivX and many more. It also converts videos in iPhone format on the fly if you want to store them on your iPhone 4S.

Price: $2.99

9. Skype

Everyone knows about famous video chat client Skype. Doing video chat on Skype is always a fun and its app for iPhone is also no exception. Make/ Receive voice and video calls with friends and family members from your home or during traveling.

Price:  Free

10. Dropbox

Although Dropbox works in almost same way as iCloud but it gives you more flexibility because you can backup and sync your documents, pictures and videos on more devices and Operating Systems.

Price: Free

If you want to add some other best apps for iPhone 4S,  do tell us in comments.


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