10 Best iPad 2 Accessories

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iPad 2 is one of the most popular devices from Apple. It has unique design and some awesome features. With the mass popularity of iPad 2, many handy accessories from Apple and third-party have also come to the market which can increase the productivity of your device.

If you’ve got your hands on iPad 2, then you might want to buy some accessories for it. Here, we’ve featured some of the best iPad 2 accessories which will help you to use your iDevice more smartly.

1. Apple iPad Smart Cover

iPad is a precious product. Everyone naturally wants to save it from dust and scratches. The Smart Cover from Apple efficiently serves this purpose because this Case uses magnets present in the casing to cover iPad 2 screen. Moreover, it can be used as a stand to watch movies and pictures. Your device will go to sleep automatically when you  will cover the screen and wake up after removing it.

Price: $39

2. Apple Digital AV Adapter

Although watching movies, pictures and playing games on iPad 2 is fun but this experience gets even better on HDTV. Apple Digital AV Adapter let you do all these things on HDTV by mirroring iPad Screen on HDTV through HDMI cable. 30-pin connector also charges your iPad so you can enjoy uninterrupted movies and games on big screen.

Price: $39

3. iPad Camera Connection Kit

We know that you always keep your iPad with you and you would love to have memorable moments captured from your Camera in your iPad. The Camera connection Kit has made this task much easier which help you transfers photos and videos from your Camera to iPad 2 by either using USB cable or SD card.

Price: $29

4. iPad 2 Dock

This beautiful and stylish iPad 2 Dock can be used for decorating your house as well as for syncing and charging your device. Audio line out port can be connected with speakers using optional audio cable.Digital AV Adapter and Camera connection kit is also supported.

Price: $29

5. Hanfree

Hanfree gives you the comfort and ease of watching movies and other fun stuff without holding your iPad 2 in hands. Rotate this stand in any direction or take it anywhere in your house like bedrooms or kitchen.

Price: $79.95

6. Morphie Juice Pack Powerstation

iPad 2 comes with very decent 10 hour battery life but if you’re addicted to it then even this can’t fulfill your requirement. Morphie Juice Pack Powerstation has 4000mAh external battery which can charge virtually any USB device including iPhone and iPad.

Price: $99.95

7. AirPrint

AirPrint has made printing documents and photos much easier. If you want to get a print of your important documents directly using iPad, AirPrint can perform the task flawlessly with using any computer. Its a wireless printer which prints even from long distance.

Price: $99.95

8. Zagg InvisibleShield

Zagg InvisibleShield is a very fine quality screen protector for you iPad 2 which protects your iDevice screen from dust and scratches. It’s manufactured from military grade material which gives ultimate protection to your precious device.

Price: $29 for front or back screen  and $39 for both

9. Nomad Brush

If you’ve an artistic mind and want to paint your creativity on iPad then Nomad Brush can do wonders for you. Made from synthetic and natural fibers its a very useful accessory for every painter out there.

Price: $24

 10. Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard is the best alternative for native iPad keyboard. It connects with your device using bluetooth. Its slim and portable and increases your productivity.

Price: $69


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  • Anonymous

    Lots of cool tools here…like the Hanfree accessory, it can get very tiring holding a tablet this size overhead when reading:(