No Need for Knife when You Have Cutting Edge MacBook Air

Posted In Apple, Geeky Fun - By Asad On Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 With 14 Comments
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  • Anonymous

    lol, thats pretty funny dude. Seriously.

  • G453

    No, I can’t. That’s what knives are for. How stupid is this?

  • Empurfektion

    Sweet, finally a good use for a a useless item!

    • Ikeven

      wow you must be dumb as hell, since you can have both mac osx and windows 7 on the machine, how useless is that ? a computer where you can have both world in one machine.

  • Matthew Fleet

    My PC may not cut vegetables, but with two minutes and a screwdriver I can pop out one of my case fans and slice away while keeping my warranty.

    Good luck trying that with a Mac.

    • Come

      PC fan-nerds make me lol

      • Rxxjw

        Apple fan-nerds make lol

        • Goober

          Angry virgin nerds make me lol

          • Vegaa

            Nuff with the lols!

          • Jimmystean


    • I’d take it straight to my wrists if I owned it!

  • ed carpenter

    LOL stupid macs…PC’s are so much better

  • ITopCatI

    Slicing your bacon….. Theres a mac for that!

  • Hotdog


    eh… but really I use all off them. Wonder what else we can use labtops for, aside from computing, games n' stuff.