How to Install Fonts in Windows 7

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There’re three methods to add or install fonts in Windows 7. First two methods are quite easy but if you’re a newbie and don’t know how to install them, then this tutorial will help you. If you’re running out of disk space in C: Drive or the drive where you installed Win 7 and don’t want to add fonts in that drive, then third method will help you to solve this problem.

Installing Fonts in Windows 7

Method 1

1. Double-Click the font file.

2. Click on the “Install” Button.

3. Repeat the above procedure with all the fonts you want to install in Win 7.

Method 2

What if you’ve hundreds or thousands of fonts? Installing them manually one by one would be quite time consuming. Therefore, if you want to install all of them in one go, then follow the below tutorial.

1. Copy all the Font files you want to install in a single folder.

2. Now select all those files using “CTRL + A”

3. Copy them using “CTRL + C”

4. Open “Windows Explorer” or “My Computer”.

5. Open C: partition or the one where you installed Windows 7.

6. Now look up for “Windows” Folder and then “Fonts” folder.

7. Paste all those fonts you copied using “CTRL + V” in Fonts folder.

Method 3

This method will help you in case if you don’t have enough disk space in C: partition or the one where you installed your Operating System.

1.  Select “Font Settings” option from the left side of Windows “Font” folder.

2. Now check “Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut” option.

3. This time when you’ll double click the “Font” file, “Use shortcut” option will also appear with install option. Check this option before installing the font.

Your font will not install in Windows “Font” directory this time, instead it will use the directory from where you installed the font.

Note:  Don’t remove font from the directory(shortcut) otherwise that font wouldn’t work in Windows 7.


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