AppSync 5 for iOS 5 now Available to Download from Cydia

Posted In Apple, News - By Asad On Friday, September 2nd, 2011 With 15 Comments
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AppSync, a famous tweak to install and sync cracked apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been released. AppSync 5 is an updated version for iOS 5 but it also works on iOS 4 firmware and above. It let you install and sync cracked apps with iTunes. You can find this app in Hackulous repo in Cydia which also contains Installous which let you download premium apps from Apps store for free.

Once you’ve jailbroken your iDevice you can use AppSync to patch installd file. Installd file in iOS is responsible for managing Apps installation and checking DRM signature. This tweak will help you to bypass DRM check so you can install and sync cracked apps with iTunes. If AppSync is not installed in your iDevice with Installous, you will get Installation failed: Invalid IPA error in Installous and when you’ll sync your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iTunes, all your cracked apps would be deleted.

After installing AppSync 5, reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and install a free app from Apple App Store before installing and backing up cracked apps to iTunes.

If AppSync is not working in your jailbroken iDevice, do tell us in comments.

Update: In order to save yourself from loosing your apps, make sure that you transfer your apps to Computer before following above steps by selecting your device from iTunes Sidebar and selecting Transfer Purchases.

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  • Ad_ahd

    i can download the apps n install them but when sync app using appsync 5.0+ they are removed
    help me pls
    oh btw im running the ios5.0 public version

    • Please follow below video and make sure that you don’t miss any step. The tutorial is for appsync 3.1.3 but the procedure is same.

      • Test

        Link is gone

    • ahmed

      add xsellize repo and install appsync os5 not appsync ios5+

  • LJ

    I am facing the same problem. I have installed AppSync 5+ and also turned on the iTunes Sync in Installous settings, even then, when I sync with iTunes, all my cracked apps are getting deleted from my iPhone 4 (IOS 5)

  • AppSync for iOS 5.0 is installed, turned on the iTunes Sync in Installous settings. Each time I sync with iTunes though, all my cracked apps are deleted from my phone.

    • Uninstall Installous and reboot your device. Install Installous again and check if it works. Usually you should install Appsync first and then Installous.

      • I uninstalled Installous, rebooted and then re-installed. Still having the same issue. I’m on iOS 5.0.1 with redsn0w tethered jailbreak. I don’t get any error message (like an invalid ipa or anything) it just deletes the cracked apps from iPhone and won’t transfer them to iTunes. Running the latest version of iTunes too.

      • Any other suggestions?

        • Try this one. I hope this works.
          1. Open iTunes and plug in your device.
          2. Before you perform a sync, go to File > Transfer Purchases from “Your device name”.
          3. Wait for it to finish and you will see your downloaded apps on iTunes.

  • LJ

    Turn off automatic sync off.
    Then connect your phone.
    Then right click on the idevice on left panel of the iTunes and press transfer purchased apps option
    Once the apps are transferred, then sync the iTunes as usual.
    PS: app sync n installous should be installed before doing the above steps.

    This worked for me when I faced the issue earlier. Try it.

  • Guest

    download apps (ipa) from computer and put them on itunes ios 5.0.1 jailbroken

  • Luke Piper4

    I have installed appsync 5.0+ on my jail broken 3GS but when I restarted springboard all my apps except iBooks and gmail were gone! Now I try to turn my phone on and all I get is the apple logo and the phone doesn’t boot up correctly. Please help

  • Benji246

    Iam getting invalid ipa when I install keynote in my iPad iOS 5 and appsyn 5