5 Ways to Track and Recover Lost or Stolen iPhone

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iPhone is quite precious gadget. Once its lost or stolen then there’s no use crying over spilt milk and tracking your device would be almost impossible if you haven’t taken precautionary measures.

Here we’are going to discuss some useful apps which can help you in finding and recovering your lost or stolen iPhone. Some of these apps and services can also be installed on iPad and iPod touch.

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is quite popular service which is part of MobileMe yearly subscription which you can get for $99 per year but you wouldn’t be able to subscribe to this service till this fall because Apple is going to launch its new service called iCloud and all MobileMe services are expected to be available in iCloud.
Find My iPhone uses iPhone GPS to find lost iPhone. It can locate your iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch. In order to track your device you would need to login to your MobileMe account from your Computer and location of your device will be displayed on the Map. Other salient features of this service include displaying message or playing sound at full volume, setting passcode lock remotely and remotely erasing your personal date.

 2. FoneHome

FoneHome has almost everything which you can expect from a tracker app and you can recover your iPhone easily using this service. FoneHome sits in the background and transmits your iPhone location using GPS. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch  is accidently lost or stolen, you can find its current location by logging into your FoneHome account. You can download it for just $2.99 and it has no subscription fee. In case your device is stolen you can also snap the picture of the thief and send it to nearby police stations.

3. iLocalis

If you’ve jailbroken iPhone then you might not find better tracking solution than iLocalis. iLocalis let you locate your deice remotely using location tracking feature. If someone has changed SIM after stealing your iPhone, you can track new number by remote calling or SMS.

This app is not free but you can test it on trial basis for 10 days. The basic package requires €5 donation per year while premium package requires €15 donation per year.

Basic packages comes with features like sharing location with others, location tracking, notify friends nearby, controlling iPhone remotely, and remote SMS commands and sending text messages for free. Premium package has some extra but important features like remote wipe, remote backup, push support, remote audio recording, remote iPhone lock and lock iLocalis uninstallation.

4. Navizon

The best thing about Navizon app is that its free. It uses WiFi, GPS and cellular towers (triangulation signals) to track the location of iPhone. Its available for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian too and don’t require GPS enabled phone. It works on all networks which include GSM, CDMA and 3G.

By using Locate-by-SMS you can find iPhone location by sending an SMS. SMS must start with the keyword which you saved in Navizon settings. After sending the message you’ll get a reply with iPhone location.

Navizon also has some other cool features as well like buddy tracker, direction finder and local search.

 5. Mobile Spy

Compatible with iPhone and iPad, Mobile Spy is all-in-one security solution which plethora of features but its not free and requires you to pay hefty $49.97 per quarter. It can record activities of the thief, record text messages and calls, lock device, view screen, find GPS location and upload your data on your Mobile Spy account.

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