This is what happens when You Rent a DVD instead of Pirating it

Posted In Geeky Fun - By Asad On Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 With 14 Comments
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  • Anonymous

    lol, just one more reason to love Pirate Bay lol.

  • Kush

    search dvd43, haven’t used it in a while but it will get around the region block. It’s small, free and easy to use.

  • Anonymous

    And then there is the “Joy” of renting a DVD, popping it in your player and then having to sit through over HALF AN HOUR of commercials, piracy warnings, and advertisements before you get to the main menu and can hit play. Oh, and they don’t let you skip it either.

  • Mark

    Take the DVD back to where you rented it. Ask for your money back.


    If they don’t refund your money, sue them for the rental fee plus whatever is necessary to cover your lawyer fees.

    Be prepared to legitimately say in court and under oath, with all the consequences that entails, that you did not copy the DVD.

  • Drew

    This is what happens when you’re dumb enough to use Windows Media Player…

  • Gmayland

    lol. get that from netflix like once a week.

  • Pinguz

    I only see that when I have something for ripping DVD’s running in the background.

  • Qp

    I have this problem with both XP and Windows7 its a pain can only play DVD rentals on VLC, the windows forum doesnt help.

  • VLC

    Don’t use Windows Media Player to play DVDs. Use VLC.

  • Ginkgastudiomedia

    agreed…..greedy commies.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you understand what that word means. Try looking up the definition of the word “Capitalist” instead.

      • stupidmasses

        +1000 internets.

  • Tj

    jesus.. this is meant to be a joke, not a “how do i fix this”

  • Datsunzcr

    buy a mac, get handbrake, rip to hard drive, copy to iTunes and airshare it your iPad or apple tv so that you can watch it where you want.