3 Apps to Record Calls on the iPhone

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Whether you’re interviewing someone, discussing something important or announcing big news, recording calls on the iPhone can be sometimes very handy. By recording your calls you don’t need to note important points in the discussions or interviews and you can also use them later as evidence if required.

While recording calls on the iPhone you should be aware that whether recording calls in your state or country is legal or illegal.

iPhone doesn’t have built-in capability to record calls but there’re few good apps available in the App store which add this capability to your device. Below we’ve mentioned such apps with their features and pricing.

Recorder for iPhone

Recorder app added call recording feature in version 10 but you can only record outgoing calls and the service is available only for U.S citizens right now. Apart from $0.99, you’ve to pay to download this app, you”ll have to pay $1.99 for 1 hour and $12.99 for 8 hours of recording time. The recording quality is quite good and its quite easy to use.

Google Voice

Google Voice iPhone app let you send text messages within U.S for free and make long-distance calls at very low rates. Apart from that you can also record incoming calls  for free but support for recording outgoing calls is not available. Just press “4” on the dialpad and call recording will start. It also notifies both services about initiation of call recording to avoid any legal issues.

3. EonPhone

EonPhone is a VOIP client and adds a phone line to your iPhone. It records incoming and outgoing calls and integrates itself with built-in iPhone contacts app. You can download it for free but it charges $10 per month for the service.


If you don’t want to install any app in your device, here’s the solution to record iPhone calls for free by Macrumors member.

  1. Call a person.
  2. During the call, tap on the “+” button to add a call.
  3. Type in your phone number
  4. It will go to your voicemail.
  5. Once you here the beep, it will start recording.
  6. When you hang up the call, you will get a voicemail of your recording.

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    Hmm, why cant they just make a good ole fashion recording app?

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    I guess MX Skype Recorder is also a very good option
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