7 Best Free VPN Services

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If you don’t want others to get information about you when you’re online or you’re restricted to access certain websites at your college or office then free VPN service can be the best solution for these problems. You can also use VPN to bypass firewalls and web filtering. You can also use proxies to access blocked sites at work or school but its a bit risky due to privacy issues with some proxies.

If you’re not clear about how VPN works then have a look at below diagram to understand it.


Here we’ve listed 7 top VPN clients which can help you work online anonymously and without any restricted access.

 1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is undoubtedly one of the most popular free VPN Client. With unlimited bandwidth, you can browse web without any fear. Hotspot Shield hides IP address while surfing and also let you bypass firewalls. You can install it in both Windows and Mac.

2. UltraSurf

UltraSurf is small but very effective free VPN Software which let you browse the internet anonymously and without any restriction in Internet Explorer. With US servers, you would experience fast web browsing.

3. OpenVPN

OpenVPN is one of the most famous free open source VPN Client which can be installed on number of platforms including Linux, Mac, Sloaris and Windows. Do give it a shot and we’re sure that you wouldn’t regret it.

 4. CyberGhost

With 1GB bandwidth CyberGhost can be a pretty good choice for occasional VPS users because servers are pretty fast in spite of limited bandwidth.  It uses 128-bit AES encryption  to protect your connection from prying eyes.

5. UltraVPN

UltraVPN is open source client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. Best for people who want to get unrestricted access to sites  or want to protect their privacy on LAN or public hotspot.

6. SecurityKiss

SecurityKiss helps you in bypassing firewalls, filtering and monitoring. With traffic compression technology, you get fast access to sites. Bandwidth limit for free plan is 50-300MB per day.

7. proXPN

proXPN free VPN Service can be used on number of platforms and mobile devices such as Windows, Mac and iPhone. Mobile devices with support for VPN can also use proXPN.


These were our picks for best free VPN Services. If you want to share with us some other nice services, feel free to tell us in comments.


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  • Tom Hund

    http://www.wifivpn.org provides free hotspot shield service from USA, no adWare or other annoying ads as other free services, and absolutely fast! Enjoy this non-profit VPN service 🙂

  • geo

    I stumbled on VillaVPN site http://kristianvillafania.com they are offering a Free VPN service, they have Server’s from Hong Kong, US, and other parts of the world. The speed is awesome, Just request for a key here http://kristianvillafania.com/forum/ and you will be given by the admin.

  • GEODUDE121

    spotflux.com has a pretty good vpn service… it’s definitely better than hotspot shield

  • linda carter

    I have tried many ways, free and paid ways to open blocked websites, I think vpn works better than others, this is what I can recommend,try the service before you pay for it!

    I ordered my account from http://saturnvpn.com the price is great. 1Months $3.3 , 3Months $7 and 12 Months $16

    It has free test account and you can try the service for free.


    It supports all protocols(PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), And you don’t have to buy different accounts for different devices(use 1 account to connect on your computer and your mobile at the same time)

  • Andy Chang

    There is no such thing called “Free VPN” because you will get what you pay for. Some VPN services won’t cost you a dime, but you have to pay in other ways: surveys, advertisement, newsletters… Choose an expensive paid VPN instead, which doesn’t keep logs ,provides good privacy and security and won’t sell you information to other companies.

  • BilalAsif1900

    Ii never rely on them because they are slow, showing ads, kill the speed as well steal my private data. Due to this reason I always use premium VPN provider but yes before choosing any VPN Provider I go to various Review sites like VpnRanks and read reviews about them and then buy any provider.If want to know here is the list of top 5 Best VPN Software

    • Sarah Adames

      but they are not free, i would highly recommend Private Internet Access in that case, its not free but really cheap and affordable. nothing is free. but always check the service on VPNInsights and then decide.

  • Maria W.

    Amazing you havent mentioned CyberGhost, which the best and unlimited free VPN provider, any way nice list it would be good if you add CyberGhost, here are some more vpns to consider http://www.vpnanalysis.com/5-best-free-vpn-service-providers/

  • CyberGhost VPN, IMO is the best VPN out there when it comes to FreeVPN.

  • Samantha Rose Delaney

    This has made me re-think some stuff. If you don’t want to get your information stolen easily while on free Wi-Fi then you need a VPN. Go here to see the best ones compared to each other http://www.anonymousvpnsoftware.com/private-internet-access-vpn-review/

  • tracy leonsey

    I was expecting Ipvanish and Purevpn in the list of best 7 vpn providers. I have such a great experience of using these tools and i dont want compare with any other provider..

    • Night Fury

      Buddy, you have to read before make a comment, its about free VPN list.. i don’t think so that Pure and IPVanish are free versions. well cyberghost always the best choice