10 Amazing WinterBoard Themes for Your Jailbroken iPhone

Posted In Apple - By Asad On Saturday, August 6th, 2011 With 5 Comments
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WinterBoard is one of the many gifts of Cydia founder Jay Freeman aka Saurik which let you use free custom themes on your iPhone and iPod Touch. WinterBoard was previously known as SummerBoard which had features like status bar graphics, wallpaper behind the icons on Springboard and custom icons. Later, SummerBoard was replaced with WinterBoard with additional features like Video Wallpaper, Custom Sounds, web clips, lockscreen background, SMS background and a few others.
Here, we’ve gathered some high quality WinterBoard Themes which you can get after jailbreaking your iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G or iPod Touch and installing WinterBoard App from Cydia.

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1. Wood Shelves Theme

Wood Shelves Theme adds a wooden shelf for your iPhone icons. Its a simple yet elegant theme with pleasant background. It doesn’t add any custom icons or sounds.  Search for Wood Shelves in Cydia to install it.

2. Sauve

Sauve is an amazing theme with 114 different icons including all default iPhone and iPod Touch icons. Apart from that it contains some third party apps, template, wallpaper, badge, statusbar and dock. Install it from Cydia under ModMyi repository.

3. GlasKlart Theme

GlasKlart is a beautiful theme with transparent glass like UI. It includes 120 delicately crafted icons, custom badges, lock screen sliders, Calculator Skin, popup dialogs, SMS bubbles and many other customizations. It integrates easily with any kind of wallpaper by using the colors of Wallpapers efficiently. You can find it under ModMyi Repository.

4. Carol Theme

Its a very unique theme with 130 different icons. People who love soft colors would definitely like it. You can download it from here.

5. Matte Nano

Matte Nano comes with more than 2295 icons which also include duplicate icons. It also has wallpaper, dock, badges and status bar. PSD icon template file is also located in Library/Themes/Matte Nano/Icons. This theme has the ability to re- size  app icons which don’t come with the theme to the theme icon size. You can also use  Matte UI Graphite along with it for ultimate Matte look and feel. If you’ve WinterBoaard installed just search for both in Cydia and install them.

6. Deep

Another nice theme with wallpaper, dock, icons and statusbar.

 7. Illumine Theme

Like many themes above you can also get this one from ModMyi Repostory. Its a gorgeous theme with stylish rounded icons. The glowing effect at the bottom of the icons gives a refreshing look to your iPhone /iPod Screen. It adds beautiful green orb on the unlock screen.

 8. Glass Orb Theme

This sleek and stylish theme has over 1300 icons. It’s available through Cydia. You can find more details about it here. If you want to transfer it to your iPhone using SSH, download it directly from here.

9. Tenius

Tenius is one of the best WinterBoard Themes which has about 100 icons. You can download it directly from here. One of the Macthemes member has posted more than 2400 icons for Tenius and different elements. Download them from this link.


Hackintosh is amalgam of Windows and Mac. It has more than 280 icons. Other elements  include wallpaper, dock and UI sounds. Download it from here.

Did you like above WinterBoard themes? If you’re facing any problem in installing above themes do tell us in comments.


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