4 Ways to Bypass Megavideo Time Limit

Posted In Web - By Asad On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 With 4 Comments
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Megavideo is one of the top video sites on the web. With humongous amount of entertaining videos, people like to spend their leisure time on it but there is a catch. You can’t watch videos for 30 minutes after watching 72 minutes of video streaming unless you’re a premium member.

If you want to bypass Megavideo time limit, there’re some tools and hacks available online but some of them don’t really work. Here, we’ve mentioned a few working methods to skip time limitation of Megavideo.

1. MegaSkipper

MegaSkipper is quite popular online service which skips not only Megavideo time limit but also VideoBB and VideoZer time limit. You just need to enter the the video URL to watch videos. You can also use its Chrome Extension so you can watch videos directly from Megavideo. Good thing about this service is that it let you skip forward videos whereas many other such services don’t provide this option.

2. Sheepser

We’ve featured Sheepser before which is a new but promising service which let you watch Megavideo videos without any restriction. With Sheepser, you can also embed unrestricted videos on your websites or blogs which is quite unique feature in our opinion. It don’t rely on one server and you can switch to other servers if video streaming is slow.

3. MegaVideoNoTimeLimit

MegaVideoNoTimeLimit is another simple way to bypass Megavideo time limit but you can’t skip forward videos while using this service which can be annoying for some users.

4. Cacaoweb

Just install Cacaoweb on your system and stream videos without any restriction on any major browser. Cacaoweb will use its own video player instead of Megavideo Player while streaming videos. With Cacaoweb, you might face slow video streaming sometimes.

Do tell us your feedback about above services. If you know about any other working trick to bypass Megavideo time limit, do share with us in comments.


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  • Den120


  • Omg! Finally found this!
    Very helpful to me 😀
    I really am happy to have stumbled upon this.


  • Allofthemonkeys

    None of these work for me. I get an error with sheepster, cacaoweb did nothing when I downloaded and the others won’t link. Thanks for nothing