How do I insert a CD to the iPad 2?

Posted In Apple, Geeky Fun - By Asad On Monday, August 1st, 2011 With 12 Comments
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Source: Apple Discussion Forum

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  • Sda

    Yes, you should return it!

  • Eben

    Go return yourself, not the iPad, because that’s what defective…

    • flarn2006

      Uhh…BLAMBLAMBLAM! I’m not defective!

  • Shouldntown

    Yes, and insist on a 25% restocking fee.

  • Me

    Did you buy the iLathe addon? You need this to “hone down” your CD, so it will fit in the slot. It’s only $99 and comes in black or white!

  • Goodian11

    lol hahaha.. good call..ipad2?? CD??? well apple trying to eliminate optical disk drive from most of their product. recently mac mini. itz goin on cloud now. or take a plane or rocket go into the cloude with your ipad2 and insert the cd so it will be cloud computing or cloud inserting….lol

    • The Mac Mini Server (sans optical drive) isn’t all that recent…

    • skawn

      Just in time for all the major companies to start adding bandwidth limits to everything.

  • Michael Waters

    They should have told him to cut the CD to fit and then it would work fine. LOL

    I was at a computer store and a Guy tried to return a $600.00 video card. It wouldn’t fit in his expansion slot (PCI Express slot) as it was a different slot type and his friend who “Knew a lot about computers told his to cut it to fit”.

  • made me LOL, the owner should know before buying that ipad doesn’t have cd player

  • JerryPanda

    c’mon ppl… this guy is just trolling…

  • Damnit Who Cares

    Obvious troll is obvious.