How to Fix Installous Installation Failed : Invalid IPA Error on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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While installing cracked apps from Installous some people get an error  “Installation Failed : Invalid IPA” on jailbroken iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This error usually occurs when wrong AppSync version is installed on your device . In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you that how you can get rid of it.

Fix Installation Failed : Invalid IPA Error

1. Open Cydia on your device and type AppSync in the Search Box. After that tap on the Search button. Old and current installed versions of AppSync will appear. Select the one with  ✓ sign.

2. Now select the Remove option to uninstall it. Wait until the process is complete.

3.  Go to Manage > Sources in Cydia. Find the repository and tap on it. Here you will find different AppSync versions for different iOS firmwares. Choose the appropriate version depending on your device firmware. If you’ve  iOS 4.x.x then choose AppSync for 4.0+ otherwise choose AppSync for OS 3.1.

4. Once it is installed, reboot your iDevice.

After rebooting try to download and install other apps from Installous and check if you’re again getting Invalid IPA error or not.

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  • Sarah

    I’m still getting the same error and I followed the directions exactly 🙁

    • Anthonysalazar7

      If you can’t install anything on installous or the app store here’s the fix. Go to ifile if you don’t have ifile get it on Cydia anyways once ifile is opened go to var then mobile then click the blue arrow on applications scroll down to ownership click owner then if it’s on root change it to mobile then it should work.

  • Kavian

    Im still getting the error

  • Kavian

    Im still getting the error

  • Chirag Mehta

    Here is two appsyc for ios 5
    Which 1 u have to run..?

    & I tried a lot to download ifile but failed every time..?
    Is is possible to download ifile on edge connection..? Or need a wifi..?

  • still get this error.but just for some to fix that?