10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

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Have you ever heard the term Augmented Reality (AR)?  We know that most of you must have heard about Virtual reality in which real world is  replaced with simulated environment but AR might be a new term for you. Firstly we’ll explain to you the concept of  Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a term for live view of real-world environment directly or indirectly. Elements of  real-world environment are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound, graphics or GPS. It’s used in entertainment, robotics, engineering, military training and other industries nowadays.

Mobile developers have also started using this technology in Smartphones by using their Camera, Compass and 3G capability. Android developers have also come up with some cool apps which usually use Android device Camera to take real-world environment as an input. Here we’ve featured 10 Best Augmented Reality Android Apps which are useful as well as entertaining.

 1. Wikitude World Browser

Voted as the Best Augmented Reality Browser in 2010, Wikitude World Browser is really a fun app to use. It checks your surroundings using the camera and sensors in your device. The object information is displayed when the camera focuses on a particular object. You can discover millions of places in Wikitude. Using “Location aware Search” it guides you about places of your interest closer to your location. E.g If you will search “Restaurant” it will give you information related to Restaurants around you.

2. Layar

Layar is another interesting and innovative Augmented Reality Android App which helps you explore things around you using your mobile device camera, GPS and compass. Layar shows you digital information called “layers”. As soon as you focuses your phone’s camera on a place, information about it is displayed on screen. You can share this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Lookator

Lookator is a very useful application for your Android device as it lets you check stronger WiFi signals around you. Just open the application and you will be able to view hotspots with their relative strength and direction.

4. Speedview

SpeedView uses phone’s built-in GPS system to display your current, maximum and average speed, your current direction, total distance and time traveled. You can use it while running, car driving, biking or during hiking.

5. Wikitude Drive

Wikitude Drive is  Augmented Reality navigation system. You don’t need any maps because Wikitude Drive uses Augmented Reality camera view, where driving directions are displayed on  real road you are driving on. You just have to attach your android device on the top of Dashboard with camera facing the road.

6. Google Goggles

Google Goggles is an android app from Google which uses AR technology. Take the picture of any object from your mobile phone camera and it will provide you with relevant search results related to that object using image recognition technology.

7. vouchAR

vouchAR lets you find discounts in local Stores. There’re more than 40,000 vouchers in the app which using which you can find local discount in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and many other things.

8. TweepsAround

TweepsAround help you to find Twitter users around you using Layar. Twitter users appear in Augmented Reality around you. Layar should be installed in your device for this app to work.

9. Google Sky Map

Using Google Sky Map , you can search the night sky for your favorite planet, Messier object, and more. Just point your Android device at the sky and it will show stars, planets, and constellations present on the sky.

10. Fast Food Reality

Fast Food Reality let you find famous fast food outlets near you like Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Pans and Company.

If you know about other great Augmented Reality android app, do share with us in comments.


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  • Google goggles is one of my favt app from the above list.

  • Ryan McGhee

    The Yelp! app has a featured called Monocle which works really well.

  • Tobias

    The best Augmented Reality application I found is junaio

  • Nicky

    I personnally enjoy http://SunTrajectory.net