How to Fix Installous API Error On iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Posted In Apple - By Asad On Sunday, July 10th, 2011 With 15 Comments
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After installing Installous on jailbroken iOS devices, some people are reporting that they’re getting “API Unavailable” or “API Permission Denied” error while downloading apps from Installous. These errors are occurring due to heavy load on Installous servers after the release of JailbreakMe. Installous servers aren’t yet able to cope up with such amount of traffic.

To get rid of these errors try two methods mentioned below On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Fix API Unavailable error

1.  Uninstall Appsync and Installous 4 from Cydia. AppSync is installed automatically when you install Installous.

2. Reboot your iOS device.

3. Now install the AppSync version which is compatible with your firmware.

4. Reinstall Installous. You can find the procedure here if you don’t know how to install it.

5. Open Installous and try again to download apps.

You can also follow below video tutorial for your ease.

Fix API Permission Denied error

This error means that you’re banned from Apptrackr. Apptrackr is another version of Installous which let you download Apps directly on your PC or Mac. You might be banned due to excessive requests to Installous API. In that case either wait for your IP Adress to get renewed if you’ve dynamic IP or use some proxy server or VPN.

If none of above method works than you need to be patient until Installous get more servers or when traffic load is decreased.

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  • A Aleanz

    Thanks, but this still won’t solve my problem… As soon as I open Installous it says API Error API unavailable. It doesn’t even load the categories…

    • Dogsdevil

      Me too.

      • guest

        Same problem here. Ive fallowed all your indications, and still nothing.
        I run IOS 4.3.3 and Installous 4.4.2.

  • Did not work, I get this error when opening Installous on my ipad1 and my iPhone 3Gs which is not the case few days ago 🙁

  • Alexandre pellegrino

    não consigo baixar mais nada pelo installous pois da API Error,já desinstalei o appsync e o installous e nada,alguém já conseguiu algo???

  • Sara

    Thanks!! It worked^^

  • We2areborg

    Same for me, followed your video to the letter and still got the same thing. As a side note, this did not happen until i set up home sharing on my iPad and 3Gs. Perhaps just a coincidence.

  • We2areborg

    Ok update, (following day) i replaced the two apps on iPad only and still had no luck. The following day both my iPhone 3gs and ipad1 are able to use installous. no errors. Go figure.

    • As i mentioned in the post sometimes this error occurs due to high traffic load. When you try after some time installous starts working fine again.

  • charly

    great… thx… it works.. sometimes crash but now, I can download games..

  • An Varun1993

    do i need to just boot via red snow or just restart my iphone after removing appsync….???

    • If you’ve tethered jailbreak then boot via red snow

    • If you’ve tethered jailbreak then boot via red snow.

  • anne

    i don’t have the option to install app syn 4, and still has the same api error after ive done the uninstall and reinstall… help

  • megan

    how do i downgrade from installous 5 back to installous 4 on my ipod touch 2g?