20 Google+ Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Google Plus

Posted In Google - By Asad On Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 With 2 Comments
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You must have  known about Google new Social Service Google+, the first ever decent try from Google in social after the failures of Buzz and Wave. With the hype created around Google+, chances are that you might have used it through some invitation or random selection. The service is quite new and it’ll take time to getting used to it.

For our readers ease we’ve listed here some useful tips to use Google Plus which will help you to become master of this new service.

1. Use the following to add formatting to your shares.

Bold Text: *Word*= Word

Italicize Text: _Word_= Word

Strike Through Text= -Word-= Word

2. You can Add Photos, Video and Links by clicking and dragging them directly into share box.

3. Circles are like following people on Twitter. They don’t have to follow you back. Their public shares will be visible to you.

4. You can mention people by adding “+” or “@” in front of their names.

5. If you’ve selected limited number of people from your circles while sharing post, you can disable resharing by selecting arrow at the top-right of the post and choosing “Disable Resahre”.

6. Click on the timestamp of any post shared on Google+ and that post will be displayed with permalink. It works just like Twitter timestamp.

7. Click on the profile picture. Keep on clicking the profile picture to rotate through all of them.

8. You can use the following Hotkeys in Google+.

Space: Scroll Down

Shift Space: Scroll Up

J: Single Post Down Scroll

K: Single Post Up Scroll

Q: Jump to Chat

Return: Opens up comment box when focused on a Post.

9. +1 button on the post is same as Facebook “Like”. Clicking +1 again will remove +1.

10. Using +1 on the post will not list the post on “+1’s” page, using it on the web will.

11. Use your mouse wheel to scroll through pictures of the album.

12. Click on the “Limited” to see the list of people with which the post is shared.

13. If you don’t want to get notification of any post, just click on the arrow at the top-right of the post and select “Mute this post”.

If you want to mute your own post, you can’t do this by above method. You’ll have to go to your Notifications > View all and then mute your post from there.

14. You can rotate images directly using Google+ Image Uploader.

15. You can resize chat window in Google+ by dragging it from corners.

16. By default, anyone can send you Email through “Send an email” button below Profile picture. To change this setting go to Google+ Settings > Profile and Privacy> Edit Visibility on Profile. Select “Send an email” button and edit settings from there.

17. In incoming stream you’ll find shares from the people who’re sharing with you but you haven’t added them in circles.

18. You can use speech recognition technology of Google Translate if people with different languages are using Hangout.

19. Want to see Google+ notifications even when you’re logged out? Check out this Chrome extension. This extension has the option to get Desktop notifications as well.

20. You can edit images directly from Google+ using six different effects.

So these were the tips we’ve explored yet. If you know about any other great Google Plus tip or trick, do tell us in comments.

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  • Anonymous

    how do you switch back to old google once you are in google plus? I don’t like google plus even a little bit

  • Michael Ladd

    it is different and don’t no if it is not waste of time

    Michael Ladd