15 Google Street View Funny Pics

Posted In Google - By Asad On Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 With 4 Comments
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Google Street View is a cool feature integrated in Google Maps and Google Earth. It provides views of many streets of the world from different angles. The ability to browse through pictures and moving through streets seem to be a compelling activity, but it has also raised many privacy concerns in the past. Google has been sued couple of times because of Google Street View.

Here we’ve gathered a few pics which are funny as well as interesting, but we don’t think that anyone can sue Google on these pics.

1. Kid wipes out on bike

via StreetViewFun

2. Help! The car is eating me!

via StreetViewFun

3. Hit and Run

via Gizmodo

4. Summer Holiday in Holland

via StreetViewFun

5. Failed at Parking

via StreetViewFun

6. The guy with no head

7. Guy Levitating

via StreetViewFun

8. Speed Limit

9. Green or Red?

via StreetViewFun

10. Google Please Help Him

11. Hurrah! I am on Google Street View

12. The Best Way To Wave Down A Cab

via gstreetsightings

13. Garbage Pile in Street

via gstreetsightings

14. Alien or Ghost?

15. Google! Save her from Kidnapper


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  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you might just be onto something dude. Wow.


  • Casemon

    The car hanging off the building is a work of art that’s been there for years. Bordeaux is quirky like that! 🙂

  • Rjackowens

    Now this is funny!

  • Jackofalltrades200

    i made my own collection of funny street view pics too =)