5 Surefire Ways to Increase your Site Crawl Rate

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Have you ever wondered why Google indexes your site so late? This usually happens when the site is new and Google don’t have much information about the site. It can happen with old sites too but there are few ways using which your site would be indexed faster by Google- most of the time within 1 hour after publishing the article.

Below we’ve mentioned 5 such tips which would definitely increase your site crawl rate.

1. Add Sitemap to Webmaster Tools

Sitemap helps Google in knowing about your site links. Google would know about new articles much faster using Sitemap. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and add sitemap of your site there.

2. Increase Site Backlinks

When your site gets backlinks from authority sites, it increases the reputation of your site and Google Bots visit your site more regularly. Try to get more backlinks from authority sites in your niche.

3. Update your Site Regularly

If you update your site with fresh and quality content regularly, the frequency with which Google Bots visit your site will increase.

4. Decrease Site page Load Time

Page load time effects the way Google Bots crawl your site. Search Bots spend particular time to crawl your site. If your site has high page load time, then less number of pages would be crawled in specific time.

5. Monitor your Site Uptime

Make sure that your site has good Uptime because if Search bots visit your site and its down then it might have negative effect on your site Crawl rate.

If you’ve any other important factor in mind do tell us in comments.


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