• InfiniteMonkey

    OMG! LOL!!!!

  • nate

    yeah, that’s about all they’re good for haha

    • Stop Hating

      Go on… I would love to know how they aren’t capable enough for you.

  • Hiegear2

    I don’t get it….. do you not need a computer anymore?

  • Fidel

    the real punchline from weeks ago was Apple now supports Windows

  • Matt Scobel

    I’m the founder of an organization called Project Macfrica, with the goal of setting up Mac computer labs in schools and orphanages across Africa. Our first lab was in an orphanage in Eldoret, Kenya and the second one is going to an Girls High School in Kamakuywa, Kenya. Would you be interested in donating this Mac to the project? We are able to issue tax receipts in the United States and Canada.

    • Matt, This image was taken from reddit.com. If you want to talk to the OP of this post, maybe he can help you. http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/i2bpv/apple_now_supporting_windows/

      • Matt Scobel

        Thank you very much Rich. I’ll check this out.

    • Predacorp

      Convert to a PC lab and get 3 to 4 computers in your lab for the same price. Best of all you would help stop the spread of simple minded fan-boy elitist mentality and the yuppiefication of our youth! Spread choice, not shinny, hyper marketed, over priced toys.

      • Orionparadox

        After you have those 4 machines installed, come back in 6 months and find only 1 out of 8 working still. The real TCO of a PC vs a Mac is inversely proportional to their acquisition costs. People stock their labs with macs because they want them to work without the need of an IT department

        • martrinex

          We have 2 labs with 30 Macs, they are all 2 years old and 5 of them broke with logicboard issues in the last year how exactly is this inversely proportional to their acquisition costs?

          • Craig James

            yes, anything that is made by man will come with flaws. they aren’t invincible but the ones that are working are performing much better than their counterparts would be by then. they boot without those lovely error messages much more consistently

          • bung4life

            lol not at all. Macs are SO notorious for “grey bar” startup loops or the “Chinese characters of death.” more san than PC’s even.

          • Horne1dp

            That’s never happened to my Mac. It happens to my Dad’s PC everyday. He’s switching to a Mac asap.

          • Mike

            Apple doesn’t even trust u to replace batteries for your ipod. Over hyped, over priced, under performing piece of machinery

          • Carsonbt

            It’s not the machine its the user

          • Been using Macs for 25 years, never had that problem ever, even when I worked for a newspaper that was entirley run on Macs. Come up with a new one if you can.

          • Joe Luciano

            A mac lab!? That sounds incedibly expensive and dumb. You can get like 5 PCs with Ubuntu for the price of one mac. And thats before tax ….

        • Anonymous

          Toss Linux on older hardware and send 1 IT guy to manage the whole lab. Not bad considering you can get 20 older computers vs 1 mac or 3 Windows PCs.

        • Nick Bignell

          What you’r referring to here is call ‘Self-service IT’ and it is completely irrelevant whether you are using PCMAC or Linux as these types of environment are ideally run via a web browser using standards shared by all major IT vendors.

          Combine this with BYOIT (bring your own equipment) and you have a fully autonomous IT environment supported by the users themselves and us management types to decide what SaaS apps they will use.

          Personally I think that: as the OS becomes irrelevant, so will the Mac (beyond fanboys) due to their inflated pricing. I think the Windows PC will head the same way but it will be a much slower decline. The winner will be whoever can provide users with a standard web browser at the smallest possible cost.

        • Predacorp

          Please, Mac’s offer a “Sandbox” sterile experience; just like other appliances in your home you should know not just how they work, what makes them work as well. It’s not a single purpose device like a TV, or an oven. Apple has adopted a fascist attitude based on their blind hyper marketed fan-boy customer loyalty. From denying real issues to its customers, it’s creepy totalitarian utopian stores, customer unserviceable parts maintenance, to even deleting negative comments from its forums. Really?!?! How much Kool-Aid have you been drinking Orionparadox?

        • Carsonbt

          The only people who use macs are idiots who don’t know anything about computers.

        • Pretty much sums it up, PC’s live in the work place for one reason alone, job security. That’s it. PC’s break all the time, gives them something to do.

      • Farnsworth

        Pedophile, why so angry … they’re just computers. No need to snap at someone that is simply trying to help people.

        • Predacorp

          Farnsworth! When grownups are talking children should keep their mouths shut! Specially if you don’t have anything constructive to add. Now run along now and tell your mother to have my supper ready and to go upstairs when I’m done. I’ll be up there in a moment. You stay down here and play with your toys…

      • Anonymous

        Not like its going to matter.. Their just going to use the metal case of the mac products to beat their victim unconscious before raping them.

        Aids scare is so bad over there they have resulted to snatching infants off the street to pass around each-other to rape.

        like 60 some percent of the population that was polled, admitted to committing rape within the last year.

      • Matt Scobel

        Appreciate the advice, but I think we’re on our way to establishing a sustainable model. There’s a lack of options for organization looking to donate their Macs, and they’ve proven to be very reliable long-term options for these types of labs. In February we’ll be installing Windows and Linux on the Windows based machines to ensure the kids have experience across multiple platforms.

      • The problem with Windows PC’s is that it runs Windows. Lame OS for people who “think” they know what they’re doing. Makes them “feel” like a techie, when you really aren’t. You’re just some dude with a cheap PC surfing the net.

        • Mr Question

          @ Kevin Stacy: You drank the whole pitcher didn’t you. Lame OS? Sure it has flaws, they ALL do. Your comment of ” for people who “think” they know what they’re doing. Makes them “feel” like a techie, when you really aren’t.” proves you’re a simpleton, speaking clearly from an introspective point of view. “some dude with a cheap PC surfing the net.”: Please! My rigs would run circles around you “Mac’s” for one third the price. If you took the time to do the math you would see, but I digress you want Apple to do the thinking for you. Maybe you and Fansworth should go to your rooms…

    • Anonymous

      Or you know, you could join a legitimate, already operating, much better run charity.
      One Laptop Per Child: http://one.laptop.org/

    • Gman454

      Haven’t the Africans suffered enough already?

    • Anonymous

      Why in the world would anyone be using Macs for this? For the price of one mac you could buy 10 pc’s. Very.. VERY Stupid.

      • Matt Scobel

        I could write an essay on why I use Macs for this project, but I’ll keep it short. We have access to Mac centric organizations that are thrilled with the opportunity to donate their old machines to a cause that supports education in Africa. I’ve toured PC labs in Africa and seen first hand some of the issues they face maintaining both the hardware and software. The first lab in Eldoret, Kenya has been a huge success. Kids are drawn to the creative aspects of the Mac working on videos with iMovie, editing photos, creating music in Garage Band along with the traditional school work and research.

        I believe there’s a huge supply of used Macs that can help level the educational playing field in Africa and will continue to push forward with the project.

    • Anonymous


      You should coordinate with EGBOK – they are a charitable organization training and teaching Cambodian orphans computer and job skills.

      Their main web page is http://egbokmission.org/ if you dig around a bit you’ll find details about their computer donation program

      • Matt Scobel

        Awesome. Thanks Bernard. I’ll reach out to them.

  • Scott White

    old….saw this weeks ago

  • Markleaman50

    That’s about all its good for…, that or a door stop!!

  • None

    Steve Jobs is an insecure loser that denied a child was his after a dna test proved he was the father, then the mother of the child had to go on welfare, so your tax dollars paid for a millionaires child. I would never buy anything from a company run by a insecure loser like that

    • Achmed

      Except at the time, SJ was a 20 year old student, not a millionaire.

  • Swtsprth2
    • Andrewboi

      Poda pudaa pavana

      Poi saavu namitavu kaaga

  • Not very practical long-term.

  • guest

    jobs… to do… the right way!

  • RobertDolfer

    Macs work so much better than the POS dells / IBMs / etc I’ve had to service and maintain for companies throughout the world. I don’t own a mac, but I do sure like them – they’re built better, run better, and break less often – you guys have apparently never used one, or had to work on a PC, or your comments would be a little less naive

  • I’ve had Mac’s for 23 yrs., and every job I’ve had was a windows based computer, you can’t compare the windows to the Mac, the windows is nothing but a piece of junk and always shuts down and you lose your stuff, not so with Mac a very reliable machine and it is user easy for the kids in Africa lets say. Hardly ever has problems and if it does you can go to the apple site and ask questions for free on their board and get your answers, ever though you might have to wait a day to get them.

    • Andrewboi

      So u had mac, try using it and u know how “well” it works ; i been using mac to edit videos for years and everytime it just shutdown in the middle of the project it just losing one of its apple fan boi ;

      If u are gona set up lab in africa , mac are just not cost effective, like many have mentioned u can get 3 to 4 pc for a cost of mac,
      You are gona create fan bois of mac who sell their kidney to get ipad( google it, true story of a china teen) or sell their body to buy iphone ( google it again , true story of a chinese gal )

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention his China foxconn employees that produce the products get thrown out of high rise appt building windows by apple/foxconn security forces right before he was scheduled for an organ transplant.

    DNA test is replacement organ.. If its of Asian decent.. Charge him with murder.

  • Pat Capozzi

    probably the best use of an apple that I have seen

  • Pat Capozzi

    probably the best use of an apple that I have seen

  • You’re Wifes Retarded

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    • youreyour

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      • Achmed

        If that’s the only error you found, you have 2 more to go.

        • haha

          Well played…

  • Yarnyokel

    Sometimes that is what you need to do with them. LOL

  • wow, what a hate-fest in here…I’m not gonna feed the anti-apple trolls today..sorry

  • Elbananovolador

    reddit more

  • Lame

  • Fantom1497

    This is the same guy who will Call AppleCare and tell the Tech he doesn’t know what caused his Case to crack.

  • its Apple Door 😛

  • Dlivesay

    wish my toilet paper had apple logo’s on it…..thats all there good for……ha ha ha ha !