How to Backup Google Docs and Google Calendar

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Although both Google Docs and Google Calendar are reliable applications and chances are very few that you lose data from them, but one can’t deny the unexpectedness of applications. I am sure that most of you would be relying on Google Docs and Google Calendar for your daily chores. It would be best if you backup both because prevention is better than cure.

Backup Google Docs

1. Go to Google Docs.

2. From the left navigation sidebar select “All items”.

3. Check “Actions” in the top Menu. All your documents will be selected and a new navigation sidebar on the right will appear.

4. Unckeck any document you don’t want to download.

5.  Now select “Download” option from the new navigation sidebar on the right.

6. Now a new pop up window will appear with the option to change the format of selected files. Change the format of files if you want, otherwise select the Download button and all your files will be downloaded as Zip file.

Backup Google Calendar

1. Go to Google Calendar.

2. From the left sidebar select “Settings” in “My Calendars”.

3. In settings select “Export calendars” option and all your calenders will be downloaded.

If you’re facing any difficulty in following above procedure, do tell us in comments and we’ll be happy to help you.


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